Pioneer Trail Missione Wrapper Animal Magnetism



(rilascio Missione 3 Giugno 2013)

Animal Magnetism

Crea 4 Sheep Allure Boosts (per sbloccare devi completare la Wrapper Forester Development)
Crea  4 Ox Allure Boosts ((per sbloccare devi completare la Wrapper Chasm Canvassing)
Crea  4 Horse Allure Boosts ((per sbloccare devi completare la Wrapper Swampy Science)
Ricompensa: 25,000 XP, 25 Horseshoes, Random Boost


Lamby Liquid – Raccogliendo i  Flying Squirrels tree

Bovine Breath – Sfamando Golden Eagles

Stallion Scent – sfamando Swamp Rats








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