Pioneer Trail : Missioni Three Year Anniversary

Ecco le Missioni

Celebration Time



Sfamare 15 Papere Adulte
Raccogliere 25 Passion Flowers
Piazzare il Welcome Sign
Reward: Green Lightning, 3 Frontier Fritters, Quicksilver Boots

Full of Hot Air


Fai 2 Party Piñata (ne avrai 2 nell’inventory)
Raccogliere 30 Potatoes
Completa la 1 Fase del Frontier Park
Reward: 4 Pink Water Lilies, Unwither Crop, Wither Protection

Ci vogliono 6 sweet stuffin’ per un Party Pinata

Beautiful Landscape


Raccogliere 20 Lavender Water Lilies
Sfama 25 Oche (Goose)
Completa 2 Fase Frontier Park
Reward: 5 Steel Forges, 1 Party Fowl, Granny’s Gut Punch


Water Luvin’


Sfamare Party Fowls 8 volte
Sfamare 100 Maiali Adulti
Completa il Frontier Park (ampliare due volte)
Reward: Greenhouse Expansion, 3 Year Mystery Trunk, Bouncin Fort


(rilascio missione Martedi 28 Maggio)

Wet and Wild


Completare 3 Year Anniversary Collection
Fai 6 Party Pinatas
Colleziona 8 Party Blankets – (sfamando Shaggy Llamas)
Reward: Animal Hospital Expansion, Crazier Cake, Spiced Deer Jerky